Gary  Buckmann

Gary Buckmann

Gary Buckmann went from paralyzed to purposeful. Over the last 40 years Gary has been changing the lives of children thru the sport of gymnastics. While in college Gary went from an elite athlete to lying in a hospital bed paralyzed, unable to move his leg and both arms. By breaking through barriers, removing limiting beliefs and perseverance he went on to achieve a complete recovery and also competed at the NCAA National Championships. Gary was inducted into Chico State University and College Park High School, Athletic Halls of Fame. His speaking engagements include: USA National Elite Symposium, South Africa National Symposium, Canadian National Congress, New Zealand National Congress and multiple USA National and Regional Congresses. Gary, along with his wife is now leading L.I.F.E. Academy, Look Inside For Everything, teaching how to overcome any challenge and get out of your own way to achieve a LIFE of success, flow and abundance.