Marcello  Thedford

Marcello Thedford

Marcello Thedford CEO at THE ELITE GROUP LA / CEO at THE MARCELLO THEDFORD COMPANY / FOUNDER at MOSAIC ENTERTAINMENT The Elite Group LA (a talent management and media company) MARCELLO THEDFORD Born in the Bronx, Marcello Thedford found a passion and a way out of poverty through acting. Always a dreamer, he started honing his craft at a young age through the improvisational theater scene in New York. He studied at New York’s Playwrights Horizons, waiting for his big break. Marcello was featured in the slew of big budget blockbusters including “Crimson Tide” (Denzel Washington), “Daylight” (Sylvester Stallone) and “Volcano” (Tommy Lee Jones). ESPN’s, “Playmakers”, was major break for Marcello . The series was a network first, an gritty original ensemble drama about the off-field lives of a professional football team. Marcello starred as Kelvin “Buffalo” James, a fourth year offensive tackle from Oklahoma State whose health issues interfered with his ability to play.