Bill  Cordasco

Bill Cordasco

Bill Cordasco is the President of Babbitt Ranches, and a fourth-generation member who manages the approximately 700,000 acre ranch that is partly privately deeded and partly leased land. This family owned cattle and horse ranch has been operating since 5 Babbitt brothers moved to northern Arizona in 1886. Headquartered in Flagstaff, Arizona, Babbitt Ranches are committed to developing fundamental programs and direction for Tomorrow’s Agriculture and Land Use to explore land stewardship, business diversity, industry employment and infrastructure. Bill also oversees other family businesses and foundations that encourage a broad sense of self-imposed awareness and responsibility through education, sustainable science and outreach for land use and activities within our community. Their conservation philosophy embodies a relationship with the land that has developed out of more than 125 years of working on, and with, the natural world.