Ariana  Newcomer

Ariana Newcomer

Ariana Newcomer specializes in healing the soul’s voice to joyfully express its divine purpose. An intuitive healer, energy worker and voice healer since 1984, Ariana is called “The Voice Coach’s Voice Coach” because of the depth of her knowledge and understanding of the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of voice. Ariana is a Dove Oracle Priestess, Harvard graduate, Massage Therapist, SoulCollage®Facilitator, and former professional opera singer. She holds 2 coaching certifications and is an internationally published best-selling author and mom of 2. Ariana’s lifelong spiritual journey informs her work, along with her rich performing, teaching and therapeutic background. After a voice injury ended her singing career, her quest to recover her own voice took her on a healing journey that has inspired her unique and powerful approach to healing the soul’s voice.