Derek  Rodgers

Derek Rodgers

Derek Rodgers is a former F-Class National Champion, record holder, and one of the most decorated FTR shooters of all time. He is from Albuquerque, NM and calls the Land of Enchantment home. As a child, he was introduced to shooting by his father. His passion for hunting and marksmanship continued to grow through his formative years. He is part of the award winning multi-time National Championship Team Sinclair and also participated on the 2013 Team USA squad that took home the Gold Medal at the World Championship match held in Raton, NM. Derek is also the only person to win both F-Class divisions at a national level event. Most recently Rodgers won the 2017 King of 2 Miles match held in Raton, NM and did so by being the first person to hit the 2 mile target. Rodgers enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and two daughters. He is blessed by his faith and supported by his family. His goal is to be able to pass on what he has learned to the next generation.