Josh  Mitteldorf

Josh Mitteldorf

Josh Mitteldorf studies aging from an evolutionary perspective. He offers health tips at and comments on the latest science at His book, with Dorion Sagan, is Cracking the Aging Code. Originally an astrophysicist, Mitteldorf has been a researcher, a writer, and an advocate for the science of anti-aging for 21 years. His unique perspective comes from epigenetics--genes that are turned on and off, determining the course of our health. He has said that if we learn the language of epigenetics, we can learn to take control of our bodies. Mitteldorf's scientific collaborators include top scientists at major universities. He has been a featured speaker at health workshops and scientific conferences around the world. This summer, he is a visiting scholar at the Chinese National Institute for Biological Research, and will be a speaker at RAADfest, the Coalition for Radical Life Extension in San Diego.