Mr. Donald  Holbrook

Mr. Donald Holbrook

Don Holbrook is a veteran 25 year economic development economist who has been featured on Fox Networks, CBS, NBC and in many major printed publications such as the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and numerous radio networks worldwide regarding creating high quality jobs in a prosperous economic landscape. He decided after nearly ten years as a motivational speaker and #1 Best Selling Published Author, to reinvent himself and follow his passion to write fiction. Today he is working on a new fiction series called the Ninth Templar that has been gaining prominent attention from Hollywood even before he has published the novel. His story is based upon the ancient discovery under King Solomon’s Temple during the First Crusade, by the founder of the Knights Templar Order. Mr. Holbrook has written and published 12 previous books, including his #1 Best Seller in 2015, The Next America- How to Survive and Thrive in an Unpredictable Economy.