Chantel  Olson

Chantel Olson

Chantel is an author, speaker and coach whose mission is to bring awareness to the “Home Front Warriors,” the spouses, children, parents, etc. left at home when their loved one is serving in the military. In 2008 when her husband Jon came back from Iraq, Chantel felt called to write a book about what it was like to be the spouse of a deployed soldier. She wanted to document the trials, tribulations, and emotions that the family that is left behind endures. “But then I thought that no one would want to read it, so I put it on the back burner,” says Chantel. “Then, a few months ago I had this feeling that I just had to do it. So I reached out to a friend who encouraged me to move forward.” Chantel wanted to find a way to honor the Home Front Warriors who deal with the absence of a family member while they serve in the military. “I designed a dog tag that represents the families or Home front Warriors and founded Homefront Warrior Foundation Inc