Richard  Chapo

Richard Chapo

Richard Chapo is part Internet business lawyer and part business owner, and always completely amazed at the evolution of the online entrepreneurial world. As an Internet attorney, he advises businesses on legal and regulatory obligations when operating online pursuant to laws such as the Communications Decency Act and many more. A licensed attorney in California since 1992 he has spent time working for a firm specializing in complex contractual bad faith matters. His international experience includes working as a professor at a Chita State Technical University teaching law and cultural English in Siberia, Russia in 1999-2000. Upon his return to California, his attention turned to the commercialization of the Internet. He has been operating his own firm specializing in cyber law since with an emphasis on providing legal advice on topics such as copyright infringement, trademarks, privacy, user-generated content, compliance for private companies, and a host of other topics.