John  Hewlett

John Hewlett

John Hewlett spent 30 years as a business, tax, and estate planning strategist. He was a premier professional in his field, underwriting over a billion dollars of insurance, and raising several billion dollars for charities and other philanthropic causes. In 2007 he faced a serious health challenge which led him to seek out alternative remedies to invasive surgery to deal with his genetic heart issues which were potentially fatal. His quest led him to discover nitric oxide supplementation which eventually led to the reversal of his condition. John was determined that nitric oxide supplementation needed to be taken to the next level. In 2014, along with his business partner and cousin Shawn Hewlett, he formulated the most advanced and cutting-edge proprietary product, Cardio Miracle. He has collaborated with experts in the science, nutritional, biochemist , medical, and alternative health icons in his work and formulations.