Brad  Borkan

Brad Borkan

Brad Borkan works in Global Marketing supporting SAP’s strategic partners. His life-long fascination with how people and businesses can make better decisions led to a graduate degree in Decision Sciences from the University of Pennsylvania. American by birth, Brad has spent his career in London working for software companies including Siebel, Oracle and SAP. Brad co-authored the book, When Your Life Depends on It: Extreme Decision Making Lessons from the Antarctic. He has presented at Antarctic conferences in Norway, Ireland and the UK and appeared on cable TV in the US, and on internet radio talk programs. He also gives keynote presentations at business conferences. His talks focus on leadership, teamwork, resilience, and improving one's personal and business decision making, all set in the exciting context of Polar exploration. Brad is a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society. He also recently presented at the prestigious Scott Polar Research Institute.