K. Harald  Drager

K. Harald Drager

K. Harald Drager, Oslo, Norway, is the founding member of the worldwide acting society TIEMS (The International Emergency Management Society - www.tiems.org), which he took the initiative to establish in 1993. He was the International Vice President of TIEMS since its inauguration until 2002, when he took over as TIEMS President, a position he was re-elected to for the 5th time in 2013. He specializes in international organizational development, emergency, disaster and risk management and project management. He has done consultancy work for numerous clients internationally, including the NATO and the European Commission. In 1983 and founded his own consultancy, AS QUASAR Consultants and later QUASAR Invest AS. He was a European Commission appointed evaluator for EU Security Calls for FP7 2013 and Horizon 2020 Call for Secure Societies; Professor Chair for 4yrs at King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; a visiting Professor at North Western University in Xian, China.