Lyndsey  Scott

Lyndsey Scott

Born and raised in Rantoul, IL, Lyndsey is no stranger to the strange, plain beauty of small town spaciousness. After studying painting at the University of Illinois, she fled to St. Louis, MO for a decade of community art & rambunctious collaboration, letting kids nurse back the creative soul that art school stole and letting the south side streets be the hard knocks school of social justice. One healing crisis, two superhero bike tours, a yoga teacher training, and a permaculture design course later, she followed insistent gut-tugs to move back and rekindle the home fire. Led by embodied inquiry: "What does earthspeed, restorative culture feel like from the inside?" ~ she weaves a hyperlocal web with song, gardens, circles, and art -- catalyzing Beloved Community and playing attention to choose together the vibrant stories we most hope to embody.