Jerry  Roisentul

Jerry Roisentul

Coaching 4 Champions, LLC was founded in December of 2011 by Jerry Roisentul, an International Business Coach, Speaker and Trainer. Jerry first joined the network marketing or direct sales industry in December of 1993. He worked for a premier financial services company and went on to create a large team of associates with a booming business. In his very successful 20 year career with that firm, he promoted to Regional Vice President and earned numerous company trips and other awards including the company’s coveted $100,000 income ring. Several years ago, Jerry began to feel led in his heart to expand the impact he could have in people’s lives. So by developing a business that still pays him a residual income every month, he was able to follow his true passion of teaching others how to develop a business that can pay them a residual income for life. After his first year of full time coaching, Jerry launched “Champion Summits” as a bi-product of his new business.