Annadel  Lemon

Annadel Lemon

Annadel Lemon, “The Freedom Warrior”, is the owner of Balanced Wellness in Bountiful Utah. She is a Mentor, Speaker, Certified Energy Practitioner and Health coach. Annadel is an expert at helping free people from negative traumatic emotions so they can clearly see their potential and step into greatness. She uses tried-and- true mentoring techniques, and lessons learned along her own trauma journey to mentor others to success in business, health, and relationships. She is the author of the upcoming book “Joy Beyond Life’s Trials; Overcoming Traumatic Negative Emotions to Find Joy and Success” Annadel Currently has 2 Audio CD’s, “Trauma Mamas: Self Care for Adoptive Parents of Hard kids”, and “Brain Scrub: Cleaning Out Negative Thoughts to Make Room For the Good Stuff.” She has spoken for Keller Williams Brokerage, Worth of One women’s Retreat in Salt Lake City, Women Economic Forum Santa Barbara, Co-Produced and Keynoted at Goddess Arise in Santa Barbara.