William  Tucker

William Tucker

Dr. Tucker graduated from Harvard College and from Columbia Medical School, where he is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry. Earlier, in his career as a teacher of psychiatry, he developed an interest in how people learn to manage any chronic medical illness, and he wrote about this process in his first book, How People Change: the Short Story as Case History (The Other Press, 2007). Later, out of his professional interest in understanding and treating serious mental illness, he served as Medical Director of the New York State Office of Mental Health, where he learned the effects of traditional, institutional care. Thereafter, as psychiatrist for Pathways to Housing, he learned how outreach services, provided to to people where they live, can help them take charge even of those illnesses, in order to pursue their individual life-goals. He wrote about his outreach experiences in his second book, Narratives of Recovery from Serious Mental Illness (Springer, 2016).