Bernadette  Padua-Kirsch

Bernadette Padua-Kirsch

Bernadette Padua-Kirsch is Landscaping Manager for Fumba Town Development (FTD) and Managing Director of the Practical Permaculture Institute of Zanzibar. She grew up in the Philippines and studied Agriculture at the Univ of the Philippines.
Living in South America for 12 years, she found her passion for cooking. This led to a culinary degree in Germany where she established a catering business and cooking school near Lake Konstanz. In 2013 she visited Africa, planning only to stay 3 months. Nearly 4 years later she’s still there. In 2015 Bernadette started a school in Moshi, Tanzania for poor young women to study hospitality management. During this time she was introduced to permaculture after meeting Franko. Franko then implemented permaculture at the school for girls.
Bernadette moved to Zanzibar in 2015 where she is responsible for implementing permaculture in the design, installation and maintenance of green spaces in Fumba Town Development.