Franko  Goehse

Franko Goehse

Franko Goehse is head of the Fumba Town Service Centre, which oversees all the services for the new town. Born in East Germany, Franko escaped, swimming the Danube River to freedom. He studied culinary arts in Leipzig and spent 24 years working and owning gourmet restaurants in Germany and South Africa, where he moved in 1996.
His passion for good food led him to organic farming, then to permaculture. Franko incorporates permaculture into everything he does. He built the now well-acclaimed Africa Amini Maasai Lodge in Ngabobo, Tanzania. He also helped build a hospitality management school for young girls in Moshi with his partner Bernadette Kirsch.
In 2015 Franko moved to Zanzibar after being offered the chance to help design an environmentally conscious urban development, Fumba Town. He also co-founded the Practical Permaculture Institute of Zanzibar with the support of Michael Nickels of Seven Raven Rotary Club on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.