Brayand  Ponciano

Brayand Ponciano

BP started from very humble beginnings, Son from immigrant parents of Guatemala and oldest of three. Grew up in LA till 13th and move to Phoenix Arizona for better and quieter life. He was always fascinated by the game of monopoly in an early age and was very interested in real estate because of it. From age 18 BP was fascinated also by entrepreneurship. At 22 he began his career and direct sales. He sold anything from coloring books to knife sets,water guns etc. Age 24 he started real estate company right before the market crashed. At age 26 he started his first company with the dollar store hammer and a quarter tank of gas. After getting this taste of becoming an entrepreneur he never looked back. At age 32 he had already accomplished multiple flips at once making good money in the real estate biz.
BP enjoy teaching others about life and tricks to becoming a successful entrepreneur. He gives back to his community constantly by coordinating events that help the less fortunate.