Nathan  Hirsch

Nathan Hirsch

Nathan Hirsch is a 28-year-old serial entrepreneur and expert in remote hiring and eCommerce. He started his first eCommerce company out of his college dorm room selling on To date, he has sold over $20 million worth of product online through his eCommerce efforts.
After building a team of over 30 remote workers, he co-founded where he now serve as the CEO. FreeeUp is an online hiring marketplace specialized for eCommerce and digital marketing businesses that removes the hassle of having to recruit and interview before making a reliable hire. Nathan and his business partner had many frustrations with hiring online and wanted to redefine the way it was done. FreeeUp serves over 2,000 online businesses today.
Nathan is a regular guest on leading podcasts, such as Entrepreneur on Fire and Eventual Millionaire, where he speaks about best practices in online hiring, delegating tasks, and eCommerce.