Lisbeth  Scott

Lisbeth Scott

Lisbeth Scott is an award winning singer, songwriter and composer whose voice and songs have appeared in over 150 films and television shows like Shrek, Narnia, Spiderman and Munich, when John Williams wrote a 5 minute solo specifically for Scott.
Raised as a classical pianist, Lisbeth is a multi-instrumentalist playing piano, guitar, ukulele, and harmonium. Her music for Amazon’s stop motion animation series “Tumble Leaf” features all of these instruments as well as voice, and was nominated for best score in the prestigious Annie Awards. Season 4 of Tumble Leaf begins August 2017.
Lisbeth is currently completing a new musical with co-composer Nathan Barr, based on the HBO hit series True Blood. She is also preparing to release her 12th album, Stories We Never Told, in Fall 2017.
The 12 song collection is a beautiful collaboration with composer Kim Carroll featuring a breathtakingly simply duet of world guitars and voice throughout.