George  Matus

George Matus

George Matus is 19 and the CEO of Teal, an innovative drone startup. His passion for flight and years of experience building and flying drones led him to start Teal in 2014. George is a Thiel Fellow, was named one of TIME magazine’s 30 most influential teens of the year in 2016, and recently graduated high school. He’s raised $6M in venture capital and has built a team of 25 employees, crafting the company under his two major goals of breaking limits and creating joy.
He believes drones can be more than just “flying cameras” and should be accessible to everyone! Teal’s first two products do just that. The Teal Sport is a dedicated high speed racing drone that makes drone racing accessible as a ready to fly, pro-tuned system. His main product, the flagship Teal, is the easiest, fastest, and smartest drone in its category, not only with a 4K camera but a supercomputer and software platform. George loves what he does and can’t wait to keep pushing forward the potential of flight.