Asha  Mankowska, MA, Esq

Asha Mankowska, MA, Esq

Asha Mankowska, MA,Esq. is an Internationally Renowned Business, Executive & High Performance Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Branding Expert, Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker. She is invited by prestigious universities to be their Keynote Speaker at conferences for top leaders, CEOs, executives and business owners in USA (recently Harvard University). Recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the Top Business and Career coaches in America. She accepted the honor to be a member of Forbes Magazine Coaches Council and her articles are featured in Forbes Magazine on regular basis. Asha was also honored as a Thought Leader in Hollywood, CA in September 2016
Asha is a born entrepreneur, launching her first business at the age of 21 when she was in her second year of law school.
Her first book “The Change 4: Manifest Your Greatness Today”, was published this April 2015. Her second book with Brian Tracy: “Ignite Your Life” was published this May 19th, 2016 and became a bestseller.