Matt  Brauning

Matt Brauning

Matt Brauning, MNLP, MTD, MHt is a clinical hypnotherapist with a Master Hypnotherapist designation as well as being a Trainer of Hypnotherapy. He is also a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a Master Practitioner of Time Dynamics, and a certified Master NLP Success Coach with expertise in the fields of health, wealth and relationships.
Matt is the author of the best selling book, Total Freedom From Addictions. This book puts an unprecedented perspective on the very idea of someone who thought that they were an addict or an alcoholic, and shines new light on how most of us think about obsessive-compulsive behavior. Utilizing many different principles from his trainings, Matt shows how to be free from addictions by using techniques like Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Time representation, The Law of Attraction, and many other very thought provoking points of view. Total Freedom From Addictions is a must read for anyone who has struggled.