Roger  Deutsch

Roger Deutsch

Roger Deutsch is the CEO and Founder of Cell Science Systems and PreviMedica, a nutrition consulting firm. He is also the CEO of Cell Science Systems, GmbH, Potsdam, Germany. Roger is one of the pioneers of food and chemical sensitivities testing with involvement in this field since 1986. Cell Science Systems is a specialty clinical laboratory that develops and performs laboratory testing in immunology, cell biology, molecular diagnostics - supporting the personalized treatment and prevention of chronic diseases. Cell Science Systems, Corp. operates a CLIA certified laboratory and is an FDA inspected registered laboratory. Under Roger’s guidance, Cell Science Systems has become best known for pioneering the Alcat Test for food and chemical sensitivities. The test has been provided for more than 500,000 patients globally.
Roger is the co-author of Your Hidden Food Allergies are Making You Fat.