Commissioner Mignon  Clyburn

Commissioner Mignon Clyburn

FCC Commissioner Mignon L. Clyburn is serving a 2nd term in 2013 as a Democrat on the Commission, for which she was sworn in following her re-nomination by the President & confirmation by the US Senate. She began her service at the FCC in 2009 after spending 11 yrs as a member of the 6th district on the Public Service Commission of SC. A longtime champion of consumers & a defender of the public interest, Clyburn considers every Commission proceeding with an eye toward how it will affect every American. She is a strong advocate for enhanced accessibility in communications for disabled citizens & works closely with representative groups for the deaf & hard of hearing. She has fought to promote strong competition across all communications platforms, believing that the more robust & competitive the marketplace, the less need there is for regulation. However, when the market is not adequately addressing consumer concerns, she is an outspoken champion for smart, targeted regulatory action.