Greg  DeBree

Greg DeBree

I was born in Indiana but left when I was 11 to live in Arizona. Both places molded my need to explore. In Indiana we lived in a rural community with many opportunities to get out in nature and examine the outdoor world. In Arizona I discovered the desert near my home. I hunted, fished, and rode horseback throughout the Sonoran desert. At 16, in the Sea of Cortez and California and learned how to SCUBA dive and surf. At 18, I moved to Lake Tahoe at 18 to discover the Sierras. Being a teacher afforded me summers and other vacation options. For several summers I worked as a volunteer seasonal firefighter. In winter, I skied across Yosemite and other remote places. In 2000 my wife and I began spending summers in Hawaii where water sports abound. Throughout my life, I have shot photos of wildlife and wild places. Last year, Antarctica was my destination. Exploring and adventures will be my lifetime pursuit. Australia is next on my bucket list.