Jean  Sheehan

Jean Sheehan

Internationally recognized Medical Intuitive AKA the 'Walking Talking MRI', Founder of the Millennium Modality ® & Principal of Millennium Education. As an extraordinary medical intuitive Jean is able to see the emotions locked in to the body as well as how emotions create disease and disharmony in one’s body, mind and life. She is aware when you tune in to your emotions and FEEL, this is your personal GPS so you can be guided into creating your hearts desires. For 20 + years she has specialized with the new Millennium Children ® AQUA, CRYSTAL, STAR, RAINBOW and has seen how these divine souls work with the feelings, intuition and emotions to create what they want and tap into the infinite wisdom of the universe. Jean possess the rare gift of being able to facilitate enormous transformational change in anyone she meets – A true ALCHEMIST related to the new Millennium. A Nurse for 15 years, Jean knew there was an innate wisdom and intuitive power within each being to heal oneself.