Beth  Bell

Beth Bell

A Flower Whisperer, International Entrepreneur and Radio Show Host on a mission after leaving her global corporate life to live her life's purpose "Pollinating the planet with love". It was during the most chaotic corporate times that Beth began her relationship with flowers, eventually leading her to become a Flower Whisperer. Through this Divine connection she channels messages and brings bliss and love into the world. She's an international entrepreneur as the Founder and Queen Bliss Bee of Blossom B.L.I.S.S. based in Bali. Inspired by these life experiences Beth has become a radio show host on Voice America. The Beth Bell Radio show focuses on Empowering Pure Love & Purpose to assist others to take intuitive risks and big jumps. Beth and her guests share their life journey lessons and pearls of wisdom they’ve learned along the way to living their passions and purpose. Visit her host page on