Catelijne  Coopmans

Catelijne Coopmans

Catelijne Coopmans is a Fellow and former Director of Studies at Tembusu College, a residential college at the National University of Singapore. Over the past six years, she has worked with colleagues and students to build and craft a holistic living-and-learning environment. In particular, she has focused on Tembusu’s interdisciplinary seminar-style ‘gen ed’ curriculum and on supporting student agency and self-determination through out-of-classroom workshops and initiatives. In her own experiences as an academic and educational innovator, the fundamental orientation and skills of professional coaching have had a growing influence on Catelijne. Last year she decided to take the plunge and seek training and certification as a Co-Active coach. She is currently preparing to transition from her full-time job to a more freelance existence, combining research and writing with work as an independent coach, mostly in the space of academia and higher education.