Gwen  Lepard

Gwen Lepard

Success Strategist, Master Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Speaker, Holistic Energy Healer, and Co-Author of “The Gratitude Book Project” and “Pure Genius”… These are just a few of the acomplishments of Gwen Lepard, who brings wisdom, joy and tranformation to those that meet her. Even chance encounters, with this little powerhouse from Montana, have changed lives, as her presence inspires others to live a life with more joy and authenticity. Her purpose in life is to be well and help other be well, so they can help even more people be well. She’s found that relationships are the number one factor in health and wealth. That we carry energy from relationships that keep us from being well, keep love away and block our wealth. She helps clients clear out relationship energy to open up more possibility in health, love and life!