Lisa Ann  Landry

Lisa Ann Landry

Lisa Ann is an ORIGINAL, ENTERPRISING, and FORWARD-THINKING social media strategist. As a social media strategist she takes a range of social media and e-mail tools and techniques and combines them into an integrated approach best suited to her client’s needs.
As President of Paradigm Shifts Training and Development she works with service-based entrepreneurs to educate and advance their use of social media and e-mail marketing to expand their online visibility, protect their reputation and increase business.
Lisa Ann has been an international trainer for over 25 years covering a broad range of skills and topics. The soft skills topics as an example, include Management Skills, Life Balance/Stress Reductions, Communication Skills, Time Management, Creative Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, and the list is extensive. The technical topics, which have become a niche include social media and e-mail marketing which align with her status as a Solution Provider with Constant Contact.