Todd  Hodnett

Todd Hodnett

Todd was raised in the panhandle of Texas. There he farmed and ranched for a living. He started competing in Cowboy Action in the early 2000’s time frame and won Nationals the same year. Todd then started his own shooting school and before long, started shooting Sniper comps. He was hooked due to his having been shooting scoped rifles since the age of 6 and considers himself fortunate to have grown up in a prairie dog town. Todd began shooting for Horus and had won several comps when the military asked him to teach them how to use the equipment. It soon went from that first trip to an actual shooting class and he’s been teaching military, full time, for the past 14 years. Todd designed the H58, H59 and all the Tremor reticles and also developed truing of the ballistic engines that got put in the Horus program and several others. Most sniper schools use several of his formulas for wind and other things. He is also a recipient of the Carlos Hathcock award.