Mr. Lenny  Green

Mr. Lenny Green

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Mr. Lenny Green is the undisputed, soothing, baritone voice commanding the airways of WBLS' syndicated radio show, "The Quiet Storm". Before mastering the art of creating "ambiance and mood", Mr. Green aspired to become a singer. But a trip to the inner sanctum of his college's radio station, the desire to become an on-air radio personality was ignited. Fortunate for all of his listeners, he did not immediately land a job within the realm of his major- Broadcast Management. Instead, he was destined to become one of the most recognized voices in radio. And although he's been in the radio business for 20 years, he's still evolving and using his instrument, his voice, to nurture the next generation and to positively impact the world.