Wei  Houng

Wei Houng

Wei Houng, founder of The 6 Figure Academy, has made it his passion, purpose, and goal to help people eliminate anxiety around money to achieve financial success and to live a 6 Figure Lifestyle. Over the course of 15 years, he has worked with celebrities, industry thought leaders, and countless entrepreneurs to redefine the role that money plays in their lives.
With a background in Computer Science & Engineering and minor in Business Management, Wei infuses a holistic approach with rapid engineer-like problem solving to create dynamic breakthrough results for clients and audiences nationwide. Through a unique combination of NLP, Mental and Emotional ReleaseĀ® Therapy, Language Pattern Analysis and Energetics, Wei helps people eliminate anxiety around money so they are free to go about their unique business of making a difference in the world. The result? A feeling of purpose, fulfillment AND a financially stress-free lifestyle.