Ian  Kelbly

Ian Kelbly

Ian Kelbly knew he’d end up in the firearms industry when he was 7 years old and wanted to be like his Grandfather, who started Kelbly’s in 1981 in North Lawrence, OH.
Rifles have been a lifelong passion for him, as he loves the people, the companies, and the innovation that is driven by a small grassroots segment of the firearms industry. Ian feels that no other industry is so profoundly influenced by one man shops the nation over.
He began working full time at Kelbly’s at 18 while attending college to get some business background and principals. After only about 5 years of working in and out of production shops, doing the shipping and receiving, and sales, Ian began running the day to day operations.
He remains very driven toward making Kelbly’s the most well-known rifle builder in the world. With over 50 world records on their products in the last ten years, he can’t wait to see what the next ten years will bring!