Mark  Willingham

Mark Willingham

Maj. Mark Willingham, PhD, served with the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco for twenty-eight years and provided alcoholic beverage licensing, regulatory, and law enforcement services. In addition to serving as the Division’s Chief Financial Officer and Chief Training Officer, he served as Florida’s Responsible Vendor Program Administrator, Florida’s Youth and Alcohol Program Administrator, and as a State Hearing Officer in alcohol related matters. Dr. Willingham serves as a litigation consultant and expert witness in alcohol related death and injury cases. He specializes in Dram Shop cases, underage sales and alcoholic beverage premises liability matters and has been engaged in or consulted on over 800 dram shop and related lawsuits. Dr. Willingham has authored 16 alcohol retailer training and guidance documents and published over fifty articles in state and national law enforcement journals on leadership, management, and alcohol related issues.