Sara  Wheelright

Sara Wheelright

Sara Wheelright is the founder and CEO of Trusted Saskatoon. She is a marketer extraordinaire bringing all her years of experience in marketing and sales in both the UK and Canada creating a successful marketing business. She is a recipient of several awards related to her business such as 2014 SABEX Awards for marketing, Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce 2014 ABEX Award for marketing and 2017 Saskatchewan NEYA Award for Growth. She was awarded two international Stevie Women in Business Awards and the 2014 Saskatoon YWCA Women of Distinction Entrepreneur Award. Sara is grateful for all the opportunities her new country and community has offered her and her family, therefore, as a way of giving back is involved in many community social causes and sponsors her time and marketing skills to non-profit agencies such as Habitat for Humanity and Hands On Ministry. She also is a major support and promoter of women starting new businesses.