Rob  Nelson

Rob Nelson

Rob Nelson first became nationally known for being one of the founders of Lead or Leave --a political action group that focused on reducing the deficit and fighting for generational equity. Lead or Leave garnered national attention with an accountability pledge that asked the President and all members of Congress to pledge to cut the federal deficit in half in four years or leave office. The "mini-movement" became so prominent it was featured on 60 Minutes, Nightline, Good Morning America and the Today Show, creating a stir in "MTV-DC" during the Clinton years. Nelson has been the host of a number of television programs including The Full Nelson on Fox News - which TV Guide called “a new breed of late night talk show” - The Rob Nelson Show on Fox, and ABC’s The Scholar. Nelson also created one of the first Internet political talk shows, In Bed with Rob Nelson, on, launched by E! Entertainment Television founder Larry Namer.