Marlene  Elizabeth

Marlene Elizabeth

Marlene Elizabeth teaches new and aspiring female entrepreneurs how to stop doubting and start daring so they can create greater income doing what they love. Through her workshops, private and group coaching programs and books, Marlene helps women "break the shell" with a fresh perspective to believe, grow and prosper one brave feather at a time. She equips spiritual entrepreneurs with tools and strategies to breakthrough limiting beliefs around money and success. Clients uncover their natural, unique brain gifts while developing a deeper sense of self-awareness, confidence, value and clarity of purpose to thrive. She earned her Master's degree in Religious Education from Boston College, her B.A. in International Relations from U.C. Davis and is a Certified Brain Personality Specialist. Marlene is a special featured contributor for the upcoming book Dear Amazing Daughter due for release Fall 2017. She’s author of Women of the Millennium video series.