Brandy T.  Jones

Brandy T. Jones

Brandy T. Jones is a lifelong entrepreneur and educator. At the age of seven she started her first business, which planted the seeds of her first savings account, and thus began a legacy of financial empowerment. In a military family, she relocated often and became adept at building new relationships with ease.
Having faced her own struggles with debt head-on, she learned to negotiate with creditors, manage a budget and rebuild her savings.
CEO of End the Red, Jones has a mission to empower others to live a financially sound life. Her vision is to educate the youth of today to be fiscally strong adults of tomorrow.
End the Red’s purpose is to provide clients with a very personal and educational path of how to budget, how to maintain control with credit, and how to develop a savings plan.
Journey to Balancing Your Life, Brandy’s international radio show, is successful in over a two-dozen countries. Her show brings practical tips for living in a balanced way.