Dr. Peter  Creticos

Dr. Peter Creticos

Dr. Peter Creticos is founder, President and Executive Director of the Institute for Work & the Economy, a Chicago-based research collaborative specializing in workforce and economic development policies and practice. Since its inception in 2000, the Institute for Work and the Economy has sought to be the source of original thinking on knotty economic and social issues. Dr. Creticos and team are launching the inaugural conference Many Futures of Work: Possibilities or Perils, Oct 5-6, 2017, Chicago. Previously, Dr. Creticos was a Fellow and the Institute for Latino Studies at Notre Dame University. He was also a Senior Research Associate at the Center for Governmental Studies after serving as Regional Vice President for the National Alliance of Business (NAB). Creticos has served in several senior positions on the Illinois State Senate staff, in state and local governments and other non-governmental organizations.