Dr. Chris 'Mac'  McLaine

Dr. Chris 'Mac' McLaine

Dr. McLaine lives in San Diego and runs a holistic Chiropractic clinic at Liberty Station specializing in functional bio-mechanics, ergonomic footwear solutions, sports injuries and rehabilitation, and neurologically-based Chiropractic care. Dr. McLaine survived a near-fatal traumatic brain injury over 8 years ago that left him on the medical-merry-go-round. As a result of the alternative care and support he received during his recovery, he was inspired to change his life by going back to school at age 42. First he became a holistic health coach and then decided to tackle an intense 3 and a half year Doctor of Chiropractic program in Los Angeles. Today he teaches his patients a message of hope and works together with them as part of their health care team to empower their optimal health.