Karianna  Rosenberg

Karianna Rosenberg

Karianna’s purpose is to connect more people to nature, their own inner wilderness and healing through the power of story, and foster a community that cares about and lives in harmony with the earth. She has been nurturing this seed of societal awakening for over 20 years as an outdoor educator, multicultural specialist, bilingual storyteller and transformational mentor and healer.
As co-founder of Two Coyotes Wilderness School, she has designed curriculum for homeschool, inner city school, and summer camp programs over the past decade. An active member of the global Art of Mentoring (AOM) movement, she serves as core staff at AOM courses in the Northeast USA and is a facilitator for 8shields.org’s weekly global Village Talk program. She is a master bilingual storyteller and a member of Northeast Storytelling, CT Storytelling Center, and the Healing Story Alliance.
Karianna holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology and an MA in Teaching Spanish and English as second languages.