Lauren  Ing

Lauren Ing

SMD Cosmetics International was established in South Korea in 1995 under the prestigious name, Saimdang, which celebrates women as the good wife, wise mother, and successful professional. Launched over 20 years ago by her father and now a fully vertically integrated company, Lauren Ing has brought the brand as SMD Cosmetics International in the UnitedStates. Finally an effective luxury skincare product that is natural and non-toxic with proven clinical studies, awards and patents to back it up. No skin care company has matched natural to luxury, until now. This seamless marriage of Korean herbal medicine, ancient secrets and groundbreaking nanotechnology takes "natural" to a new level. Now you can nurture your skin with nature’s powerful remedies, because every woman deserves healthy, beautiful skin without compromise. SMD Cosmetics wants to make women’s skin more beautiful, youthful and radiant without sacrificing health and integrity.