Ana  Luque

Ana Luque

“Put Some Culture In Your Diet!” - Ana's book, “The Yogurt Diet” teach's people how it's possible to eat well and enjoy all kinds of food for pleasure while still achieving the kind of radiant health which while maintaining an ideal weight and extending the quality of their lives. - In Luque’s book, The Yogurt Diet is based on a compilation of scientific studies as well as the author’s personal experiences that corroborate the health benefits of yogurt, not only to help people live a long and healthy life, but also to achieve ideal weight. The key to both is the presence of probiotic bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. Ana Luque is a proponent of The Greek Gods yogurt, hormone-free with five live and active cultures including probiotics, which has gained cult status and a loyal following. Fans of the whole fat, full-flavored products have created a word-of-mouth buzz; the partners receive more than 100 email comments per week, each of which receives a personal reply. More info on the line can be found at