Jon  Lalanne

Jon Lalanne

It all began int the 1970’s. Jon LaLanne was only 9 years old when he was introduced to surfing by Waikiki surf legend “Rabbit Kekai.” He didnt know it at the time but that introduction would pave the way for everything he accomplished in the surfboard industry. In 1976 Jon got his first urethane skateboard wheels and skated along side the infamous Dogtown “Z Boys” at Kenter Paul & Revere Jr High. Jon would skate the infamous toilet bowl and entertain tourists along Hollywood on his skateboard. While he was around during the birth of the skateboard revolution Jon was always drawn back to the water.
In1983 Jon relocated to Malibu to attend Pepperdine. He quickly became captain of the surfing team and was undefeated in the NSSA for 4 years in a row! Jon now lives between California and Hawaii for more inf...