John Di  Domenico

John Di Domenico

John Di Domenico is the #1 Donald Trump impersonator in the world. He is an American Emmy Nominated Actor, Writer, Host, Comedian and Impersonator, who performs many different characters and is best known for his award-winning Trump impersonations - having won national and international competitions on ABC’s The View & The Laugh Factory. Di Domenico has been a professional performer for over 25 years and has been impersonating Trump since 2004. He is the official Donald Trump for numerous TV shows, making countless appearances on Conan O’Brien, Chelsea Handler, Fox News Redeye, Fox & Friends, The Blaze Network and many more outlets. He also reads the tweets and performs sketches on Slate’s Trumpcast. Di Domenico has been profiled on ABC News Nightline, NBC News, HBO’s Vice Media, CNN Money, International & Entertainment, CBC, USA Today, Yahoo News, plus hundreds of other TV, radio and live appearances.