Laura  Lewis

Laura Lewis

Laura Lewis is the founder of Odyssey Star, a media and marketing company that focuses on amplifying the brands of individuals and companies with life enhancement messaging to the world. Laura has been a television and radio host, producer, and national spokesperson for notable brands. She is also an author, speaker, entrepreneur and innovator with a deep passion to effect positive change in individuals’ lives.
In 1995, Laura’s life took a tragic turn when the love of her life, Bob, with no warning took his own life, leaving her a single mother of two young daughters. A rebound marriage resulted in a third child and many twists and turns. As a result, grateful for her own “warrior spirit,” Laura uses her personal life lessons to support victory for herself and others. Laura helps individuals build the resiliency and positive energy resulting in positive life-changes. Her core message is that life CAN be restored and lived to the fullest, no matter what.