Stephen  West

Stephen West

BIO: Father, Entertainer, Comedian, Writer, Actor, Speaker, Auctioneer, Engineer, Serial Entrepreneur, Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Teacher, Peanut Farmer, Amazon Seller, Ecommerce Junkie, Marketer, Salesman, Wheeler & Dealer, Poster Child for Decaf & Ritalin, Committed to Life Long Learning and Total World Domination through Collective Awesomeness! After Spending Countless Hours on Countless Stages in Front of Countless People, Here’s Our Favorite Quote: “Stephen is a combination of naïve country boy, educated professional and inner-city delinquent. His contrasting outlooks on life and twists of reality are delivered with high octane energy and a mix of characters. With a universal ‘down home’ stage presence, he appeals to audiences from corporate affairs to county fairs, from the penthouses to the outhouses. Crowds of all sizes, shapes and colors love this guy